Everyday Money Management’s comprehensive, in-home daily money management service helps clients organize and manage financial paperwork, including mail, bills, files, insurance claims, and more. Our systematic approach, personalized service, and commitment to client privacy and data security empowers our clients to continue living the lives they love without fear of falling behind or opening themselves up to fraud. 

As individual needs and preferences vary, we tailor our relationships to what’s most appropriate for each client. We offer the following services to help our clients stay independent and financially secure:


Bill Management

Managing bills can be overwhelming, and failing to pay them timely can lead to unnecessary fees and anxiety. Everyday Money Management daily money managers help monitor and pay incoming bills and quarterly taxes, so our clients stay on top of financial obligations and catch any unusual activity in their accounts.

  • Bill payment
    We pay bills and estimated quarterly taxes online or with handwritten checks signed by our clients or their legal representative. We also set up automatic online payments when appropriate, and with the authorization of our client.

  • Checking and credit card account reconciliation
    We balance checking accounts and reconcile credit card statements monthly, either by hand or using personal financial software such as Quicken.

  • Fraud review
    We review monthly statements as well as credit reports and monitor accounts for unusual activity.


Mail Management

With so much junk mail coming in daily, it is often difficult to recognize an important bill or notice. Charity requests can also fill up your mailbox. Our daily money managers review all mail to ensure legitimate mail is addressed and junk is tossed. We open and sort the mail, throw away the junk, shred sensitive data, and file the things that need to be kept.

For clients who can no longer manage their mail at home, Everyday Money Management will arrange to receive bills, statements, and other business mail at our office.  


Expense Tracking and Budgeting

  • Income and expense tracking
    We track monthly income and expenses in the check register, as well as with personal financial software such as Quicken.

  • Budgeting and cash flow analysis
    We analyze income and spending to help clients stay on budget, reach savings goals, or make financial decisions.


Whole Life List

We work with clients on an ongoing basis to document all aspects of their financial lives in our Whole Life List. This proprietary process helps our clients capture all of the essential details of their lives in one place, easing access to this critical information for daily living, in case of medical incapacitation, or other critical situations.


Tax Organization

We organize tax documents, calculate deductible expenses, and help fill out the tax organizer provided by the accountant. We work with your accountant to make sure your taxes are prepared properly and submitted on time. We can also help catch up on overdue tax returns.


Insurance Claims Management

  • Medical claims submission
    We submit claims, review explanations of benefits, and work with Medicare and/or the insurance company to make sure claims have been paid properly.

  • Homeowners and personal property documentation
    We photograph and list all personal property for insurance purposes, and provide clients with the list in hardcopy and computerized formats. We also arrange for property appraisals as necessary.


Banking and Notary Services

  • Personal banking
    We make deposits at our clients’ financial institutions and resolve any issues or inconsistencies with bank statements. We also make sure beneficiary designations are in order and stay on top of due dates for banking-related investments such as CD maturity dates.

  • Notary services
    We provide complimentary notary services for all clients and their families (in Maryland).


File Management - Organization and Maintenance of Files

We clean out paper files and discard or shred items that are no longer needed. We also file documents regularly, using a system that works for each individual. Client documents processed in the Everyday Money Management office are scanned and organized into digital folders.


Financial Concierge Services

  • Referral to and liaison with legal, tax, investment and other professionals
    We help clients identify the best-fit professionals in the community to provide a variety of financial and support services, including CPAs, estate and elder law attorneys, financial advisors, and services for seniors and for people with mental illness and other disabilities.

  • Special projects
    We collect and organize financial data for special situations such as applying for Medicaid or moving to a retirement community.



Stay in control of your financial well-being with Everyday Money Management’s in-home daily money management.

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