Who We Help

We serve senior citizens, people with physical or mental disabilities, people who are coping with serious medical conditions and legal agents (POA), trustees and estate executors.

For Clients

"There's so much paperwork I need to handle."

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For Family

"I'm worried about mom's ability to manage her finances alone."

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For Professionals

"I want to be sure someone honest and competent is helping my client."

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How It Works

We offer in-home daily money management to help our clients manage their financial paperwork, including mail, bills, files, insurance claims and more.

We start with a free initial consultation at your home. This is an opportunity for you to meet your Daily Money Manager and for us to listen to your needs, see your paperwork, and make an assessment of how to move forward. If you have supporters such as family members, friends or even your accountant or attorney, they are all welcome at this meeting.

Once we are engaged, we visit you regularly so your finances remain current and accurate.

We offer the following services:

Say goodbye to paperwork stress and hello to feeling in control.

We are passionate about independence. We understand how important it is for you, your parent, or your friend to remain independent and vital. At Everyday Money Management we support that goal by helping individuals organize and control their personal finances. We work tirelessly to help our clients get and keep their financial lives in order.

While money isn’t everything, it’s essential to a well-balanced life. Managing finances and staying on top of bills, paperwork and upcoming expenses is vital to a person’s well-being. We help our clients avoid negative consequences and we help them take advantages of opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

Our Values:

  • We always act in our clients’ best interests, honoring their dignity and helping them preserve their independence.
  • We are caring and compassionate. We work with our clients and their families, caregivers and professionals, to communicate effectively, build trust and create lasting relationships.
  • We work transparently, creating an atmosphere of honesty, openness and accountability with our clients, while respecting their privacy.
  • We serve our clients diligently, listening fully to their requests and requirements, and responding with competency and professionalism.