This February, Don't Give Chocolate


This February, Don't Give ChocolateFebruary is the month for love, when we think of giving our loved ones flowers or chocolates or other tokens of our affection. This February, I’m dispensing with all that and giving my husband and children something that really expresses my love for them.

I’m giving them a plan.

This is not a plan to clean out the basement (although it surely needs it) or a plan for our next vacation. This is a plan for what should happen if I become disabled or die. I know it’s not uplifting, but I want them to be okay, even if I’m not. And I’m not scribbling it on a piece of paper or putting in a notebook or file that they won’t remember.

I’m creating an Everplan.

Everplans ( is a powerful online tool that provides storage for all of my important information. How can a storage site be powerful? It has the power to give my family what few websites can provide – the peace of mind that comes from being prepared.

Everplans lets me upload my important legal documents (my will, powers of attorney, etc.), information about who my advisors are (lawyer, financial advisor, etc.) and where to find important information, like where I keep my original Social Security card and even who to call when the washing machine breaks. I can designate “deputies” to have access to the information so that when I am not able to communicate or make decisions, they will have access to everything they need, all in one place.

This February, my husband and daughters will be getting an Everplan from me. It’s one of the best ways I know to say “I love you.”

If the idea of an Everplan appeals to you, take a look online. It may seem daunting, but you can do it one step at a time, and anything you upload is one more thing your family won’t have to search for. If you need someone to help you get it started (or to see it through to the end), we can help.

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