Founded in 2006 by Leah Nichaman, Everyday Money Management helps seniors, people with mental or physical disabilities, and those with serious medical conditions confidently and securely manage their daily finances. As the past president of the American Association of Daily Money Managers, Leah has established herself as an expert in the field, and has built a leading daily money management firm to ensure all those who need financial help have access to a team of professionals.

Over the past decade, Everyday Money Management has grown to include a team of trusted money managers working on-site and remotely to assist clients throughout Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. With the breadth of experience and extensive professional background of the team, Everyday Money Management is able to support clients’ unique and varied needs.

Everyday Money Management strives to help our clients prepare for the unexpected while maintaining their financial independence and reducing the stress and anxiety of everyday tasks such as managing income and expenses, organizing mail, paying bills on time, and submitting insurance claims. We guard against scammers and act as gatekeepers for our clients, preventing corrupt entities from accessing personal information and hard-earned funds. We are your eyes and ears – if we spot suspicious activity, we work to investigate it immediately so it’s not a surprise down the road.




Everyday Money Management works directly with clients, their families, attorneys, CPAs, and financial advisors as appropriate and required.

Everyday Money Management’s clients include:

  • Senior Citizens

  • Disabled Individuals

  • Fiduciaries (agents under power of attorney, guardians, trustees, executors)



Our focus is on the senior community, and we have an extensive network of professionals who can support related needs if and when necessary.

Everyday Money Management’s partners include:

  • Trust officers

  • Accountants

  • Home care agencies

  • Senior living facilities

  • Aging life care professionals

  • Financial advisors

  • Estate planning attorneys

  • Elder law attorneys



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