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There is so much paperwork I need to handle. Between bills, insurance claims, and all of the mail I receive, I am afraid I might neglect something important. I need someone I can trust to help me.

Life in the senior years has more opportunities than ever. You may have managed your finances successfully in the past but now it may be challenging for you, or you simply would prefer to spend your time in more pleasurable activities.

When you work with Everyday Money Management you will not be giving up control of your accounts or your checkbook. You may actually feel more in control knowing that a competent Daily Money Manager is assisting you. Our vision is that through excellent management of your finances, you will continue to live where and how you would like for as long as you can.

How we can help

Our Daily Money Managers can work with you to reduce stress and keep track of your finances. We will ensure that you have a handle on when your bills are due and how much you should expect to pay each month. We can make the payments for you, or we can simply help develop a system that allows you to feel confident you are not missing any payments. We will read your statements and all the fine print to make sure no one takes advantage of you.

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