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  • Taking the Reins of Your Parents’ Finances

    Published By: Leah Nichaman

    Your folks are in their 70s or even 80s and they’re doing just fine.¬† They are independent and you want them to remain so for as long as possible. ¬†They want that, too, and are reluctant to tell you how much money they have and how it is invested, or to give you legal access […]

    Posted On: June 2, 2017 Learn More
  • Filing for Seniors 101

    Published By: Leah Nichaman

    You are starting to help your 85 year-old mother with her finances. With the convenience of online banking, you can do most of the work easily, even though you live across the country. When you come to visit, you see that there are piles of paper everywhere. She agrees that you can get rid of […]

    Posted On: July 27, 2015 Learn More
  • Leah Featured on B’nai B’rith Website

    Published By: Leah Nichaman

    B’nai Brith interviewed Leah Nichaman about the pressing problem of elder financial abuse. Read the online exclusive article here.

    Posted On: August 15, 2014 Learn More
  • Geriatric Care Managers: A Gift to Seniors and Their Families

    Published By: Leah Nichaman

    My husband cares for his uncle who is 79 years old and lives in another state, 400 miles away from our home. There are a couple of relatives who live near his uncle, but my husband is responsible for making sure that his uncle has all the services he needs. My husband also has a […]

    Posted On: July 31, 2014 Learn More