Daily Money Manager

Amanda is a finance and client service professional with over 10 years of experience. Amanda started her career managing client services at a small television production company in Washington, DC where she developed a love for budgeting and setting up financial organization systems for her company and clients. She became an accounting manager within the same company and ultimately a financial analyst at a large, publicly traded company in Rockville, Maryland.

Amanda has volunteered at an assisted living facility in Washington, DC and regularly participates in holiday activities with her young children at an assisted living residence in Olney, Maryland. Amanda helped her parents in the care of both of her grandmothers as they moved from their own homes into assisted living and nursing home facilities, and she is sensitive to the challenges that face seniors as they experience moving and other major life changes. Amanda spends much of her free time volunteering at the elementary school that her children attend.

A native of Montgomery County, MD, Amanda graduated from Wake Forest University with a degree in Communication. She lives in Olney, MD with her husband and two children.



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